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Migrate to Canada on PR Visa, which allows you and your family to settle permanently in Canada.

Canada invites professionals to settle in Canada on a Permanent Resident Visa processed under Express Entry System. Families who go to Canada on this visa can settle in Canada forever, work for an indefinite time & simultaneously enjoy numerous benefits.

How LOKO Immigration Helps…

LOKO Immigration offers end-to-end services for those intending to migrate abroad. We offer Services like orientation, documentation & processing to them who want to work and settle there.

***IT professionals…. Great news for you!!!!!!

Fastest way to settle in Canada with a Job – If you have at least 2 years of full time work experience, we help you in getting jobs in Canada…along with Permanent Residency.

Benefits of Canada PR Visa

Live & work anywhere in Canada

Earn in dollars by working for reputed Canadian companies

Your spouse too can work as full time employee

Children get free education

Government sponsors family's healthcare

After 3-4 years, become Canadian citizen

What we can do for you & how!

We can help you make Canada your Permanent Home.

You send us your message and our Canada Immigration Expert will contact you

Your profile information is collected and assessed as per Canada Permanent Resident Visa requirements

Detailed information about the Canada PR process is shared with you without you having spent an ounce.

Only if you are eligible and have highest chances for the visa, our experts suggest you to go ahead with your Canada PR visa process.

Extra Good Reasons to Apply for Canada

Immigration target set to 300,000 this year, a number never before

The government has stated that more people will be invited through Canada Permanent Resident Visa this year.

Recent rule changes in points system

The recent changes have made it more convenient & favorable for applicants to apply for Canada-Permenant Resident Visa his year.

PNP will open frequently this year

Government announced that provinces need more immigrants & a large number of eligible applicants will receive nominations from different provinces for Canada Permanent Residency

New Immigration Minister introduced this year

Canada has a record that with every change in ministry, the rules become more flexible for applicants to apply for Canada immigration

CRS Score will go down to an unimaginary number

CRS score this year has reduced in each draw & will reduce more, making it a benefit for people with low scores and a wish to migrate to Canada

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